OC 2500@3200 cooler than 3000xp ???


Jan 15, 2004
Hello i just got an xp3000 to replace my barton 2500, im using a thermalright sp97 +92mm acoustifan (modded to full speed @2000rpm)

now my 2500 was running at 200fsb so like a barton 3200, my new 3000 is running at stock speed and stock voltage, but its running hotter than the oc'ed 2500.. is this normal?

i did change the thermalpaste (artic silver 5) so does it need to "settle" first??

im running Folding@home so i usually alwasy have 100% cpu usage..

btw the temp difference is about 5 - 6 degrees celsius.
2500@3200 normally running at 50 - 52C
3000@stock running 56C atm

maybe im just bitching, but i was hoping to OC' my new 3000 and pump it up to 200fsb if it can hehe, i got some pretty nice ram and mobo, so that wont be the problem.

damn just noticed that there is a 3000xp with stock 400fsb, i guess i should send this one back then or should i keep it and try to oc' it?<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by cesa on 03/29/04 11:14 AM.</EM></FONT></P>


May 26, 2003
If you just got that chip then that usual. The newer chips have crappy cores. But just make sure that you installed the HSF right and not using too much compound and poorly positioned compound.

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Feb 11, 2004
This temp. differnce is very weird... as said above me, verify that you've installed the heatsink and the thermal paste correctly.

as for the xp3000 @ 200FSB, there shouldn't be any difference in performance between the 2 CPUs - if there were any, I guess AMD would have categorized them differently.
you should stick with your current chip and OC it to 200FSB. assuming you have ordinary PC3200 DDR, it would be much easier to OC your chip from 166MHz to the RAM's default speed (200MHz) than to start from 200FSB and stretch your RAM's capabilities.

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