Question oc an old cpu...

Mar 15, 2019
Hello everyone. So, my friend has got an old PC, and he wants to OC the cpu to it's limits on air before he sells it. his specs are the following
cpu: Intel Core2Quad Q8400 2.66 GHz
memory: 8GB RAM DDR2 (4x2)
mobo: ASUS P5K E/S Wi-Fi
gpu: MSI R7 250 2GB OCV1
psu: no-name 500W&230V
cooler: deepcool gammaxx 300

additonal : Adata ssd su650 240gb & seagate baracuda 1tb hdd

I overclocked that CPU from 2.66 to 3.2 on it's standard voltages, and when i wanted to go higher, like to 3.3GHz, his pc didn't boot anymore. It was restarting each time the BIOS was loading and scanning the components inside his pc.
I want to know, is it possible to get this CPU any higher than 3.2 GHz ? it doesn't matter if it can be oc'ed by adjusting the voltages or not, he only wants that 3.4 to make some tests.. i couldn't afford to do it myself, because since it's a quite old pc, it can get messed up quickly, and i don't want to pay my friend for breaking his pc. i want to say that the pc impressed me somehow.. i could not ever believe that BF1 would ever be possible to play on such a old pc... anyways, is there anyway to do this?

Math Geek

you've reached the limits on stock voltage it sounds like already. so to go higher you have to try upping the voltage as well. up voltage by smallest increment it will do, then test at current speed. then bump the speed up 1 notch and test again. bump voltage, test, bump speed, test, etc etc etc, until it won't go any higher. every chip is different in what it can and can't do so you just have to test and test until you find that cpu's limit.