Question OC black screen on higher than 75Hz

Jul 30, 2020
Hi i recently over clocked my gpu (GTX 1050 OC) with MSI afterburner , i used to slightly oc it before with gpu tweak but didn't tried afterburner so i just overclocked it just he option on core and memory clock so i just pushed it to far i mean like max of core and memory and screen just gone black i restarted my pc and everything was fine so i said maybe that was a bug lemme try again and same result so i gave up and i had a exam and stuff so 2h later i turned on my pc and on start up screen was glitching and sometimes black (onboard was fine btw) and in safe mode it was fine so i uninstalled display adapter and it was all fine but when i tried to install nvidia drivers it all started to gliching again so i did a clean win install and it is fine i installed nvidia driver and its working like i still get my +110 fps on rocket league but my monitor is 75Hz when i try to put it on that it starts to glitching again or again black screen and like 65+ it starts to glitch sometimes showing half of the screen and no i didn't mess with gpu voltage on after burner i remember to keep that option off is there a solution to this? is it hardware problem? i'm checking the gpu temp its just fine like 39 41 on idle and around 55 59 on game


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