Question Oc - cooling

Jan 19, 2020
Hello guys i need help got an old asus p6t non deluxe etc and got i7 920 on it a friend of mine gave me his 1070 gtx but idont know if its good to use it with i7 920 should i OC i7 or its better to get another cpu if yes then wich one you suggest i heard of xeon 5680 or 5690 but can i use those cpus with asus p6t x58? Thanks in advance.
Hyper 212 Evo is fine. Don't want to spend an enormous amount on a budget build (unless you plan to reuse the cooler soon on a socket that's compatible with the cooler's mounting system).

The i7-920 is 11 years old now and it's been OC'd a million times. Not hard to find settings on the internet for doing that. How much you want to push yours is up to you (and how good your particular chip is). I wouldn't go too crazy (probably start with seeing what you can get at stock voltage), but bumping voltages slightly above stock isn't a bad thing for a CPU this old.