I just started playing with OCing my 4600 on a Asrock 4core 1699 Twins P35 Mobo and it will go to 2.77 which is FSB 230. It wont go any higher. Now i have seen many reviews that say this chip should go to 3.0 with ease on teh Intel cooler without extra Volts.
Now i know that OCing isnt gauranteed and i may just have a bad chip as far as OCing goes.
I was just wondering if there is something i am missing. The core are reading 1.257/1.265 under Everest. I dont know if that includes V Droop or not. Is it safe to try some Volts to see if thats the issue or not.
Its not esential but i kinda wanted to see if i could get to 3.0Ghz.
My memory should be ok (i think) its pc6400 Patriot 800Mhz and i have it set lower 667 i think to allow for the increase when Ocing. FSB is set 1:1 with the memory.
I probably left something out but ant help appreciated.
Oh speed step Dissabled also.



Apr 14, 2009
sounds liek you still have it on auto settings with the voltages, etc.

You should be able to go up to 1.4 - 1.5v for the cpu - to see first.

I'd test for the various ceilings seperately for your chip.

dial multi down to 6 (or lower- which ever is the lowest), set vcore to 1.4 then go for 300 fsb. leave ram to 1:1 - keep climbing that fsb if until it crashes... that should be your fsb ceiling.

with the fsb at the highest setting that last worked, slowly increase your multi - again leaving the vcore and ram ratios alone. go as high as you can until it crashes.

now with the vcore at 1.4, fsb at your highest and multi at your highest - once in windows run prime for about 1 hr - keep an eye on your temps - should not go higher than 70C for core (not cpu temp - but core temp- use "Realtemp" free download).

If Prime95 (another free app) runs good for 1 hr at these settings, go back to bios and slowly reduce your vcore until it wont work - then run prime95 for a few hours... again keeping an eye on the temps).

I recommend the sigmatek s1283 for cpu cooling - it works great. I used it on my q9300 oc'd to 3.7ghz and it ran stable @ 66C load...
Thanks a lot for that optiprimox,
You are correct i do have the voltages etc on auto and was told not to bother with the Multi dropping as it wont yield any great improvement.
I does make sense to test it the way you are saying though so i will give it a try and see what i can get.