Apr 27, 2011
Hey guys, I just bought a brand new HD7950 3GB Sapphire Vapor-X edition, every time I try to push it further than the default 950/1250 I crash. I ran an hour of OCCD at 1000/1250 only to have it crash after 15 minutes of FarCry3. Any advice on what I should do to overclock this thing?

Temperatures are not a problem
Running driver version 12.10, have tried 12.11 but didn't like.

I suppose I should add this:
i7 870 @ 3.6Ghz
8GB Corsair Dominator 1600 CL8
Seasonic 620 80+ Bronze PSU
Running 3 1080P monitors

Thanks :)
Keep in mind that you're overclocking a Radeon 7950 Boost edition which is already factory overclocked compared to the old 800MHz reference and has the Turbo feature. Due to a poor handling of overclocking by AMD's Boost BIOS, if you overclock, Turbo automatically raises the frequency to the maximum Boost frequency, so you might be trying to go from a stock of like 850MHz to a stock of over 1100MHz in a single jump. Try a lower frequency such as 900MHz to start off with (probably acts as like 1GHz due to the messed up Boost BIOS) and also consider some raising the voltage a little.
I didn't know that there was a button on that card to disable the Turbo feature~

Are you sure that it's not just an auto overclocking and/or backup BIOS switch?

If it really does disable the Turbo Boost feature, then I strongly recommend disabling that feature. It hinders overclocking.