[SOLVED] OC i7 4790k on H81M Plus mobo ?

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Apr 26, 2021
I brought my PC around 8 months ago and the previous owner told me there was an overclock on the CPU an i7 4790k and I tested it it was fine for the game's I played mainly (Realm Royale,Rogue company and fortnite).

Now lets fast forward till a couple of weeks ago I started playing apex and my game started crashing/freezing my PC to the point where I had to turn it off at the power and I have reinstalled apex multiple times and it still happens.

So I seen in task manager my CPU was running at around 4.4-4.6GHZ whilst playing apex and then seen that the specs on my CPU says it only turbo's to 4.4Ghz and I read a little bit about overclocking and from what I read it help's if you have a good motherboard
to go with the CPU and I'm not sure if mine is, its a ASUS H81M-Plus motherboard and I have an air cooler on the CPU.

So I was wondering if:

  1. the motherboard is good for OCing ?
  2. Could the OC be the problem of the crashing/freezing ?
  3. How do I remove the OC (as long as its safe to remove it) ?


Not an overclocking board, and that is basically required for Intel overclocking with multipliers. You can also force boost clock to be maintained permanently, which is a type of overclocking allowable on H boards.

I suspect they messed with the BCLK 103-104Mhz up from the stock 100Mhz would account for 4.6Ghz. 104x44 = 4.576Ghz

You can reset to the BIOS to defaults, that will put the CPU back at stock settings. It should still reach 4.4Ghz.

As always, monitor your temperatures. CPU could just be overheating and causing a crash that way.
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