Question Occasional boot failure (any help is very appriciated)

Sep 23, 2019
Hello, I am having problems with the startup of my PC and I was wondering if anyone could help.

Once every 6 days or so instead of starting up normally into windows my PC gets stuck on a black screen where the cursor (if I try to move it lags massively behind) is visible but distorted and also the wallpaper would disappear once I would restart my PC. The wallpaper problem I fixed by making the actual image a theme and after that it stopped disappearing (before it would disappear every 2 days).

The history of this build is a bit complicated, its less than 6 weeks old and has had a lot of problems (faulty GPU, faulty RAM...) and I have ended up fixing all of those but this is my last problem.

Windows 10 is installed into an HDD instead of an SSD because of complications at the start of the build. I have looked at some ways to "fix" this issue but all my drivers are up to date and connections to the motherboard are fine. I wasn't the one that built the computer and at the start there some doubts even on the motherboard being faulty, so bare that in mind. If you are wondering I did go to a PC shop to repair it but they were next to useless and took advantage of my lack of knowledge, I have run many tests such as prime95 and more because I think the shop didn't.

There is the "startup repair" that I wanted to try as a last resort but I am not that good at PC stuff so instead of messing around with stuff that I shouldn't I rather ask someone that knows what they are doing.

Thank you,

rx 5700 xt
ryzen 5 2600x
rog strix b450-f
corsair tx 650
lpx vengeance 2 x 8G
Windows 10

If there are any questions I would be happy to answer them :)
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