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Question Occasional hardware issues


May 2, 2014
Hi guys,
I overclocked my pc which I built for gaming. I started having occasional hardware issues since and don't know what is related to software and what is related to hardware.
First, my specs:
AMD 6350
Radeon r9 270X
16GB ddr3 @ 2133 mhz
1500 W PSU
Win 10
Running 4.7Ghz @ 1.5V @ around low to mid 50's w/ 100% load.
My O.C. seems stable after 8 hours of Prime 95 on custom with avx turned off.
But I get weirdness anyway, weird resolution when I restart, like my screen will have about 15% black edge on each side of a really screwy resolution settings. I can't even duplicate the screen settings in the settings of either the pc or the tv. After a restart or two, it fixes it self. This usually only happens when I restart the pc, and occasionally when I launch a game.
Then there is the mouse freezing issue. This is new this morning and continuing through a restart even as I write this.
I did check all of my drivers and everything is showing up to date.
For equipment, I am using a 42" Sony tv as a monitor. the DVI ports seem to have failed so I am using a HDMI cable on it. That could be the cause of the screwy resolution, I suppose, as it didn't do this on my 50" before it died.
I am using a razer naga mouse, it is a 18 button gizmo. When the mouse freezes the key pad on the side still works, I just can't move the cursor which really messes with my ability to fight the bad guys.
I don't have my GPU over clocked, so that is probably not part of my resolution issue.
The last part of this puzzle is the software I am using.
Steam and Epic. Are they known to cause issues?
I am new to both.
Currently trying to play Borderlands 2, Destiny 2, and war thunder.
I am also using amd adrenalin 2020 for the hardware HUD.
I posted earlier about having freezing and really poor, almost 8 bit resolution live streaming tv. I since got a new modem but the freezing issue still persists.
Super unhappy with the internet company right now. They started sending me letters and texts stating they were going to disconnect my service if I didn't replace my modem. When I called and asked about it, they realized I didn't have the "upgraded" modem and hurried up and ordered me one.
Last month when I got my o.c. stable, I ran an internet speed test and was getting 65Mbps download and about 7.5 up. Now I am only getting just under 35. But I can bump it up to 100Mbps if I up my internet bill by 115%. literally. Heck of an upgrade.
As a side note, I do have all of my o.c. and game utilities set so they don't auto start with windows. Adrenalin is the only o.c. utility that I have that I even use, and only for the HUD. I do use Overdrive, but only to double check my thermal margin. Overdrive isn't even open unless I am verifying thermal head room when messing with my o.c. settings.
Thanks for looking!