Question Occasional system crash and thousands of errors in memtest86+


Feb 12, 2017
My system with AMD Ryzen 5 3600, X570 AORUS ELITE motherboard, and 32gb ram is crashing occasionally. I ran memtest86+ with the default configuration of ram sticks in slots 2 & 4, then with just one stick each, and in all 3 cases the test was spewing thousands of errors.

What does this mean - ram or motherboard issue?

The system takes quite a while to get past the motherboard logo when booting as well, if that helps.
A delay at initialization suggests that the motherboard is having a problem with ram and is trying to find a set of settings that works.

Contact the ram support site for consultation. Some are helpful, some not so much.

Is your motherboard bios up to date?
Often ram issues are resolved with bios updates.

The other possibility is that one of the pin connection to the motherboard socket is not good. Such problems often show up as ram issues.
A motherboard replacement might be in order. But, if there was some damage, in the socket, it will be presumed to be caused by you.