Question Occasional System thread exception not handled BSOD error appearing on boot up at start screen


Dec 4, 2012
Hi everyone,

I built my system in November and since haven't really had any issues at all however since last week I've encountered a BSOD twice on a boot up, once on 12/03/21 and another today on 17/03/21 with a description stating a thread exception not handled error. It's odd because I can't replicate the issue when trying to do so but its happened both times on a clean boot up just when getting to the lock screen of windows 10.

I have since installed blue screen view which has given me a few more details about these crashes, the bug check error code is 0x1000007e and in the first crash this was caused by ntoskrnl.exe however on the second crash this was caused by ndis.sys. After doing a bit of research I've reinstalled my graphics driver, ran an SFC scan, ran a passed memtest and reinstalled my WIFI card as well however I'm not really sure what the route of the issue is.

Attached screenshots in this link:

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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