Question Occasional very slow start up after login with black screen.

Jun 19, 2019
Hi there,

About 50% of the time I start up my computer and login it takes a very long time for anything to start working, about 1 minute. All my desktop app icons are either not there or a white rectangle and none of my startup programs, such as Chrome and Steam, open until after roughly 1 minute all my desktop icons load and so do my startup programs at once. Occasionally I even have a black screen where the only thing visible is my mouse then after about a minute everything loads and back to normal. I get the error "Link failure detected" and something about my monitor not being able to display its intended resolution but I always get 1440p even when encountering a startup error so I don't know what that means. I have the latest BIOS installed on my motherboard and all drivers are up to date.

My specs are:
CPU: Ryzen 3600
GPU: Vega 64
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 3000MHz
Motherboard: MSI X570 Gaming Edge WiFi

If anyone has any help or suggestions I'd be very grateful.