Oced Cpu Sucess enable options FAIL (dsktop wont boot)Black Screen



Abit Kv7 Mobo
Kingston 1gb stick
Kingson 512mb stick
AMD Athlon XP 2600+
Evga Nvidia 6800Gt

Well heres what happened last night when i was ocing my cpu (AMD Athlon XP 2600+(333) from 1.94ghz to 2.03 ghz) this went fine i got it overclocked successfully becasue i wanted to match it up to my video card so it could keep up with my (6800gt superclocked) so i went to mess with my options in the softmod menu i belevie it is in the bios and i came to a option at the bottom that said something like (Cpu Fast Command Decode Normal or Fast) so of course i put it to fast thinking it would make my cpu run even better turns out it was my nightmare from hell so i go to save my bios with f7 or f10 w/e and start booting and boom black screen so i was like no big deal just clear the cmos and leave that back to normal well turns out i try clearing the cmos and go to boot and freaking blackscreen still so im like wtf so i take out battery and clear cmos thinking no big deal well put the battery in 10hrs later and move cmos switch back to normal and the thing still black screen. so everything on my mobo appears normal the led lights on my case running all fans on dvd drive opens closes as if the system is running normal excpet disply so i swoped out vid cards and threw in 9550 to see if disply would come on nope it didnt. my green power light and red hhd light are both lit up and i find it odd that the red light is on casue it normaly dousnt appear to be solid red comes on everynow then but i dont kno the funtion of it so i wouldnt kno what it does i believe to indicate hhd under stress load or isnt booting duno. :( so here i am posting this cause im in the final stages before giving up on this and getting new mobo which isnt very much of good time right now casue im still on agp vid card and amd cpu and am low on money so im looking for fix if u kno what i mean upgrading my mobo to update standards requires whole over haul new cpu psu gpu mobo ram... 600$+ for decent stuff topline and i dont have very deep pockets to be blowing that kind of money right now so im hoping the experts of tomshardware can help me resolve this problem for good o btw when clearing cmos i failed to unplug psu duno if thats a biggie.

~Regards Brian


Jul 26, 2008
Unplug the PSU and clear CMOS. If your still not getting any video, swap video cards. You mention you did this already, but I'd say try again for fun before deciding that you blew the APG slot on your MB.


alright ill try that pisses me off computers so complicated why cant they be simple when they have a problem speak and say im broke lol