Question Oc'ed system ram and consequently faced game crashes with huge visual bugs


Sep 25, 2019
I decided to overclock my memory from 2666 Mhz to 3200 Mhz and after I did so, I faced black screen crashes in games along with pretty atrocious artefacting (Black screen with horizontal multi-coloured lines intermittently from the top to the bottom of the screen). My ram overclock was pretty stable, it showed no errors in the Windows memory diagnostic test and in the memory test built into the ryzen dram calculator.

To preface this information, I have to mention that gpu crashes and artefacting are not uncommon for me and that I was facing serious issues about 2 weeks ago, to solve which I replaced my powersupply. It temporarily solved the issues but as I mentioned above, the issues have resurfaced. I am well aware that Radeon drivers are often rife with issues and that these could be caused by that, but the issues persisted even after I reinstalled drivers. I tried checking Vram using OCCT as these issues only happened when the gpu under load, but the test passed with no errors.

I have read other forum posts where users had persistent gpu crashes and black screens with artefacting, but they weren't able to detect these issues using any tool, just like in my case. Their gpu's were also at stock clocks like mine, and the only solution for them was to RMA their cards. I have also seen issues being caused by ram with xmp enabled, which is effectively a factory overclock, which also caused black screens and visual artefacts. Is it a gpu vram issue? Is it a ram issue? Could it be a driver issue?


Ryzen 1600 AE Oc to 3.95 GHz, 1.308V (Rock solid stable for almost a year)
MSI B450 Tomahawk
Kingston HyperX Fury 2666 Mhz CL16 Ram 2x8 (OC to 3200 Mhz 16-19-19-18-37 timings, 1 CR, 1.35V)
Gigabyte RX570 4gb stock clocks (previously overclocked, now reset due to stability issues as mentioned above)
XPG Core reactor 850W 80+ Gold power supply

Update: I ran memtest86 for around 2 hours with all the tests enabled, no errors were thrown up whatsoever. If anyone could help clarify my doubts, that would be much appreciated.
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