Oc'ing but no results


May 18, 2010
p5n-d mobo / e6400 cpu / 1gx2 ocz rated @ 4-4-4-15 1gx2 corsair dominator 6400 ram rated @ 4-4-4-12 / coolermaster cpucooler

My problem is I can't get any further than 2.66 on this 2.1ghz cpu.
I'm setting it currently at fsb at 1333 in bios and multiplier at 8 but can't getin any further with any combination of fsb mult. 1400 fsb + 8 mult is ideal but won't reboot. All settings and voltages are still set at auto.

Please don't tell me I'm stuck at 2.66. I want to see at least 3!!!

My temps are all looking good as well too, so it can't be that.
Under Multiplier I have the options of , 6,7,8 only.
memory timings are at 5-5-5-18
"All settings and voltages are still set at auto" - that's probably the issue.

Start raising them slightly. Good idea to check the documentation on your CPU for the absolute maximum voltages first.

Also, when you increase the FSB it'll increase the RAM speed along with it. You either need to increase the latencies on the RAM (try 5-5-5-15) or increase the voltage (again, check the documentation for the max DIMM voltage).

EDIT: I should add that you should look up OC guides on that CPU so you know which voltages need to be tweaked. Raising the wrong ones can either do nothing, or hurt the system.

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