OCing geforce 7900 go gs


Jul 29, 2009
Im wanting to OC my geforce go 7900 gs but i cant find safe clock speeds that i need to goto.. i dont want to burn out my gpu so not looking to super clock it just push it a bit harder to squeeze a few more frames out.


Sep 22, 2007
I'd seriously reconsider that. Again.

If you can't find a safe clock speed, then don't start overclocking it.

As I said in your previous post, it's a bad idea. You're gonna get maybe, at most, a 1% increase in performance, which means nothing in the real world. Even overclocked on a desktop, that chip couldn't handle many of today's games.

Plus, is it worth risking the laptop to get that maybe 1% extra? If it fries, it's gone, and the warranty will mean nothing since you overclocked it.
your risking your unit for nothing - dont bother

nvidia chips in laptops are already bad enough at stock etc

also take note while clock speed helps CPU's, more cores helps a GPU alot better - you would have 24 max while modern GPU's have beyond 4x that. Overclocking doesnt add cores etc so not really a help.