Oculus Launches Dedicated VR "Sharing" Website

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Sep 14, 2013
"...Initially, Oculus VR will be vetting submissions to make sure developers aren't uploading offensive content or malware..."

Could someone please define "offensive content" for me please?

A guy gets stop lossed and shipped back to Iraq for a 3rd tour when he SHOULD be home with his family and loved ones safe and sound...

He ends up having an up close and personal encounter with an IED. Comes home in one piece, but half the piece is disconnected from the central nervous system, and he's paralyzed from the neck down.

He has absolutely no chance for a quality of life most of us take for granted, no ability to have intimacy, intimate contact, and physical freedom, unless some developer or other works on ways to bring these things back into his world, using biofeedback, emdr, electromyography, active echo sonar frame differentials, augmented virtuality, and a whole lotta dedication to giving 5 million Americans who are in the same boat, in one way or another, a chance at a better and more fulfilling quality of life.

But all around me, all I see is people in this industry wanting to marginalize, stigmatize, deride, put up obstacles, and make those who have physical disabilities which prevent intimate contact feel bad about themselves, make them feel ashamed of their conditions, make them feel less than human, and like social pariahs or social outcasts.

I can only hope that Oculus is not going to be among those hateful holier than thou so-called moral authorities who want to deny the disabled and infirm a chance at a better quality of life.
Not open for further replies.