Question Oculus Quest 1 Cable-Link Stuttering

Sep 27, 2022
I've noticed that every couple seconds my Quest headset will stutter in game making movement and turning nauseating.
The games themselves are running fine at 90+ fps with no stuttering on the monitor view and there's no stuttering in the headset when playing games standalone, without the link enabled.
The only solid advice I've found is a fix for Windows 11 or Air link - I'm on windows 10 with a cable though I still tried them but they didn't work
The connection test in the Oculus app returns a green light at 1.4Gbps though only 3 of my 6 usb 3 ports are stable enough for it
If it's my usb ports I've no idea what to do about them and I'm on the hunt for another cable to test

The stuttering also seems to happen in the Oculus Link Home before I open any games
Thanks for any help!