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Jun 18, 2017
I want to get into VR , because ive just seen Minecraft VR gameplay and it looks insanely fun. Im not sure if i should upgrade my pc (rx 580 which is fine , but my e5 1607 v2 is the bottleneck) or buy a vr headset , ooor do both by buying the oculus rift because its 200€ cheaper.

Id like to play games like Minecraft , skyrim , fallout and beat saber on vr would my rx 580 , e5 1607 v2 , 16gb ddr2 (or ddr3 forgot) machine be enough?

Now to the headsets , is there any disadvantages of having the much cheaper oculus than the htc vive? Will i still be able to play the games i mentioned no matter what headset?

Thank you in advance, and sorry for the many questions need as much information before wasting 300€ ;D
Mar 5, 2019
I can help. I'm an oculus rift owner. My old system was a ryzen 5 1600 3.2 and I was running radeon Rx 580 with DDR4 16gb @2400.
It ran, that's it. Games will run, but you will not see anything special and your GPU will definitely crank so expect to adjust the voltages in state 6 and 7 if you want to stay under 80c. You need at least 16gb of decent ram for most games but for some games you won't be able to do much else without stuttering either in the headset or system itself. Especially titles like sitting and fallout. You can actually go to either oculus or steam and download a checker to see if you can run either of them.
From personal experience I was a little peeved in order to run steam games Through oculus both viewers have to be open and running which is a huge system hog. If you use steam I would not recommend the oculus but the vive controllers are not as good as oculus. If you don't have steam then oculus is better but only due to their controllers and they have their own store with oculus only titles like robo recall which is hella fun.. Both steam and oculus have horrible software at the moment and you have to understand that it's new tech so a work in progress on both products.
As For the build I ended up getting a ryzen 7 with 32gb ddr4 and a Vega card and it's night and day performance not graphically but more so system stress. My card barely touches 50 CPU stays around d 15% and ram is about 20%
Oh and oculus and steam vr titles are huge and main operating system must be on primary drive, so if you are using say a 128ssd for Windows you're gonna have to upgrade the drive.

So to sum up. Not so CPU heavy but more on ram and GPU.
Hope that helps.

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