Oculus Tempts Corporate America With Rift Business Bundle

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But when you consider that the standard Rift and Touch controllers now sell for $399, you’re paying a significant premium for an extra sensor, a couple of foam pads, and a license to use the hardware with warranty coverage.You also get the customer support, although Oculus hasn't detailed what exactly that entails.
That was my first thought. For $100 less, you can get two headsets with two pairs of controllers and two face cushions, along with four sensors. You might miss out on the commercial warranty coverage, but you'll have backup hardware for everything, which would probably be much more useful. Would you rather have spares on hand for an instant replacement in the event that something breaks, or “preferential customer care” where you will undoubtedly still have to wait days for them to get a replacement to you?


Now, how about resuming work on Linux support?


I hear Valve has been hard at work on improving Linux support for Vive.
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