OCZ Agility 3 120GB vs. Crucial M4 128GB, which is best in long run


Jun 23, 2012
Hey guys

When i first bought my computer, I went ahead and bought my self a OCZ agility 3 SSD
because I wanted to see what the whole hype was about with SSDs, and this particular model
was the 'cheapest.' Little did i know I had a whole bunch of problems that came with it. I've experienced
a bunch of BSODs, and freezes, even with the latest firmware update (2.22) and drivers update.

After countless hours of tech support, researching and googling, I went out and bought a crucial M4 SSD after reading numerous amount of positive reviews for its reliability. However at the same time, instead of opening up the crucial m4, I wanted to continue to try and solve the issue i've been having with the ocz agility 3, mainly because its a damn hassle to return the OCZ agility 3 SSD. (bought it online at Newegg and have to request RMA from OCZ for returns )

As of right now, I think I resolved the issue. The SSD seems to be stable meaning I have not been experiencing any freezes nor BSODs ( knock on wood ).
SO my question to you guys is, should i continue to take the chance and just stick with the OCZ agility 3? or should i continue to haggle and hassle the OCZ tech support and return the damn thing and stick with the Crucial M4?

BTW i bought both SSDs for similar price as I found out that Crucial m4 had dropped its price not to long ago. So price is not the issue here. But rather looking for long term effects here.

In the back of my head I feel like I would be much more satisfied and happy with the reliability of the M4 SSD, then taking the chance with the OCZ agility, however at the same time I feel as if the OCZ agility 3 would be just fine..

BTW my computer specs in case anyone is wondering

Intel core i5 3750k ivy bridge
windows 7 home premium
asrock z77 extreme 4
G.Skill 2x 4GB DDR3 memory
nvidia geforce gtx 550 Ti