OCZ and fake product reviews

Two days ago UK based "The Register" published a news report about OCZ and possible fake reviews.
The trail led to an IP address associated with OCZ.

Here is the link to the article:


The fake reviews were supposed to be actual user comments similar to the ones published at sites like newegg, Amazon, and other sites. This is a good example why user comments should not be relied on too much. Individuals would be better off reading actual technical reviews of products.


Interesting. I consider OCZ as launching the performance PSUs by giving us that 520W PSU. A shame that the company has fell so much.

I do like Neweggs reviews. You can see who actually bought the product and listen to those as opposed to just someone spouting off. But yes, don't put much faith in user reviews.
The Register is like the Inquirer, if you believe anything they post your ignorant.

OCZ and PC Power and Cooling make some very good power supplies, and we all know they have some of the best SSD's as well.

Since they took over PC Power and Cooling their psu quality has gone waaaay up from what it was just a year ago.

The modstreams are junk. Just old stock they haven't cleared yet.

The ZS is both Jonnyguru recommended and PC perspective Gold award winner.

The ZX is both Jonnyguru recommended and Hardware Secrets Gold award winner.

The ZT and ZX are both have 5yr warranties now too.

Fell so much? They have never been better.
There is something drastically wrong. I did not recall reading anything about OCZ power supplies in the news article I referenced in my first post. I went back and read the article a second time. There is no mention of OCZ power supplies. Instead, the article mentions OCZ flash products. How did you guys get flash products mixed up with power supplies? That's kind of hard to do. What did I miss?

The Register article that I referenced is not the only article about the problem. It just happened to be in English. There are more reports but they are in German.

Here is a link to a news article published several days before The Register article:


Here are links to more articles:




OCZ did respond and is looking into the matter.


I was only mentioning how I first knew of them. For me, that 520W PSU put them on the map. And just because they have two good lines among their junk/bad/ok PSUs doesn't mean they make good/great PSU.

OCZ did respond and is looking into the matter.

Anyone want to bet what the outcome of the investigation will be?