OCZ Vertex 4 vs samsung 830

Here is my standard recommendation:

If reliability and stability is a major concern, then I recommend Samsung. Samsung was awarded contracts to supply Dell, Sony, Lenovo, Apple and other off the shelf brands with OEM versions of their 470 Series SATA 2 3Gb/s ssd's. Eventually the 470's were released for retail sale to consumers. There have been no major issues reported. The 470 has an absolutely stellar record.

Then Samsung released their 830 Series SATA 3 6Gb/s ssd's as successors to the 470. The first ones were OEM versions for Dell and the other off the shelf brands followed by release of retail versions for consumers. The ssd's are Samsung's own design with their own components and firmware. It looks like Samsung got it right again.

Here is a link to the ssd database:


Just scroll down to the brands you are interested in and follow the links to the reviews.

The OCZ Vertex 4 was just released 10 days ago. I recommend waiting a few months until the Vertex 4 establishes a good track record.