Question Odd behavior with RTX 2060 OC


Sep 16, 2020

2 years ago, I bought an RTX 2060 and back then, I used AfterBurner to get a nice +130 mHz GPU OC as well as a +1100 mHz memory boost. According to Unigine Superposition, I saw a ±5-8% performance gain which was good. 2 years later, I felt like running the bench again just for fun and oddly enough, I noticed the stock frequencies now gives me a higher score than with the OCs settings. (With OC I loose around ±5% performance)

The only thing that changed along the way is my driver version. Aside from that, I keep my PC dust free and I've got good airflow (using CoolerMaster MasterCase H500M). Aside from Nvidia changing how the card behaves with their driver updates, I can't explain this. Can you? Thanks!