Odd CPU fan RPMs on Core Contact Freezer


Nov 17, 2008
Q9550 (nothing overclocked)
8gb DDR2 800 gskill
P5Q Deluxe
Antec 650w
Core contact Freezer
Asus Vento case
vista 64bit

Should be enough info, right?

Anyway, everything was fine until I started running Asus PC Probe and watching my temps.

The first thing bothering me is that my MB idles at 41C, while my CPU idles at 29C. Isn't that a bit high for the MB?

The other thing is that my CPU RPMs will drop down to like 450 for a few seconds, then bounce back up to normal. It bothers me, but it seems to be keeping cool so I'm not sure I should worry about it much.

I'm thinking that the airflow in my case is all screwed up, and that may be the cause of the high MB temps. Because of how large the Core Contact is, I couldn't orient it so that it was blowing out into the exit fan and is instead blowing up towards the power supply. Under load I've seen the MB hit about 46 but nothing higher than that.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


Dec 12, 2007
all motherboards hit high temps, what it is refering to is the temp of your northbridge, if you want to reduce it buy a 40mm fan and attatch it to you NB heatsink.