Odd discrepancy between bios and CPU-Z


Sep 4, 2008
A little issue I'm hoping you can help me out with -

I have

A Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3R
Intel E6750 stock 2.66 GHZ
and OCZ 6400 RAM

now i've tried to overclock my processor to 3.2 GHZ, but the thing is, while i've disabled speedstep and made sure all the timings are correct, when i boot into windows and start cpu-z, it shows the stock setting speed like had never even overclocked anything in the bios. I've checked and rechecked, but cpu-z insists that what i have set in my bios is not the actual speed.

For instance

BIOS setting of the FSB is 400,

CPU-Z it is 333 MHZ

BIOS setting of the clock speed is 3.20 GHZ

CPU-Z it is 2.667-2.666

I'm rather confused, which one is right, and how do i enable the speed i want (the one i set in the bios?)