Mar 23, 2016
So i have had an odd issue with league of legends now for about a month or so, i have tried everything to solve it but nothing works, lets get into some info.
Pc Specs:

Intel Core i7
Code Name Skylake
Specification 11th Gen Intel Core i7-11700K @ 3.60GHz

Ram: 32,0GB

Model GeForce RTX 3080

SSD hdd's-
Gaming temp : 55-65c max / High end gaming > 65-75c max
League randomly fps drops from my standard hz of 165 down to 120-150 and when it does it laggs up the game quite noticably, ( lag spikes )
Without Vsync i get 250-450 fps but it laggs constantly and well is almost unplayable so i keep vsync on.
Reinstall league/reinstall nvidia drives with the DDU uninstaller 3 times, tried changing settings, power options, tried changing windows game settings,
Tried Nvidia settings, tried turning off overlays, backround procceses, tried making the game high priority in System manager, nothing so far works and nothing has solved it.
I do tend to get fps drops in some other games aswell, but then there are games that work flawlessly.

Any help would be cool thanks <3