Question Odd Freeze/Stutter in League of Legends - New PC (Video Example Within)

Oct 18, 2019

I just build a new PC a few weeks ago and I am having some issues I've never had in the past. I have only played League of Legends since I built the new rig so I cannot tell you if this is occurring in any other game, but I have provided a 15 second clip below of what happens when I'm playing. It's almost like the game freezes up for half a second and it only happens every 30 minutes or so. I can't pinpoint anything in specific that causes it to happen in-game. The stutter/freeze is at around the 4-5 second mark into this clip. If you watch closely it almost looks like the mouse freezes a little too, and just before it occurs my ping seems to start spiking but it really doesn't feel like latency when it happens. It feels more like FPS lag to me but my FPS is still well over 100. Computer specs, clips, and troubleshooting so far are listed below.

The Clip: Watch around 4-5 seconds into the clip

Computer Specs:
-MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon Mobo
-Intel i9-9900k (cooled by H150i) - temps around 40-50C while playing
-4x 8GB DDR 4 Corsair Ram (XMP disabled they are running at 2133mhz)
-MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Gaming Trio - temps around 50C while playing
-Samsung 970 PRO Series - 1TB NVMe - M.2 SSD
-Corsair RM850x PSU
-Asus 27" 144hz monitor

Things I've tried:
-Unplugging router/modem overnight to check for any ping issue
-Enabling / Disabling V-Sync / G-Sync
-Capping FPS in game at 144
-Latest drivers for all hardware
-Stress testing CPU / GPU / RAM under load

Things I've NOT tried:
-Reformatting Windows
-Enabling XMP profile
-Using old GTX 970 in new rig to see if issue persists

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and assistance! If you need any more information just ask, I'll be patiently awaiting any ideas!