Odd network speed utilisation


Oct 10, 2012

I have two pc's both 100Mbit NICs connected to a 100Mbit router. Connected to the router is a 20 Mbit cable modem.

Now if I transfer a file from pc A to pc B I get 99% network utilisation. Which is fine. But if I initiate a download on pc B network utilisation drops to 50% ( full 20 Mbit on the cable modem but only around 30Mbit for the file transfer between pc A and PC B)

I would have thought the network utilisation would still be 100%? ( 20% for cable modem and 80% on the file transfer)

I've checked and everything is set for 100Mbit full duplex

Am I right in assuming this or completly wrong?

Any help appreciated

That is what I would expect if you have a hard drive and not an SSD.

Think about it: The hard drive heads on PC B is now jumping between two file locations as it writes, and the movement of the heads is VERY slow compared to the writes themselves.