Odd occasional metallic/static audio problems

Jul 7, 2019
Hello! I have had this odd issue with my laptop to TV+ Soundbar setup for a while now. Seemingly out of nowhere the audo becomes metallic/static like for 1-3 seconds, and I have checked through event logs, found no errors there that could cause it, I have looked up threads for similar issues and tried the suggested methods, like changing the bitrate of audio output, changed the energy settings on the laptop, hell I have even tried the other HDMI ports on the Television to no avail.

If you are curious about the components of the setup here they are:

My laptop is an Acer Aspire e5-575 connected by a HDMI cable on a Philips smart TV that in turn is connected to a soundbar ( Philips Soundbar Speaker htl2153b )

I also have a PS4 and Nintendo Switch connected to the TV, but haven't gotten these problems with those, which makes me suspect the problem is somewhere between the TV+Soundbar and the Laptop.

Do you guys and gals have any suggestions of what I can do? It isn't anything threatening to the computer it seems, as everything is working and all, but its still annoying.