Odd problem, help much appreciated


Dec 6, 2012

I just finished building my first homebuilt and am experiencing a peculiar problem that a forum search didn't solve.

(sorry for wall of text but i wanted to be thorough)
The mobo booted outside of the chassis with the ram, gpu, cpu, and cpu cooler installed just fine, so i put it all together in the case and again, it booted windows 7 just fine. I got to the desktop and started loading up drivers, then it happened; during one of the driver installations, a reboot was necessary. When the computer turned off, however, it did not come back on. Pressing the power button on the case made the motherboard start up and all fans spin, but boot up just canceled or something.

Eventually, after several attempts, it booted up like normal, got to desktop, installed other drivers, restarted with no problems.

For about 15 minutes. I was on facebook and doing the usual browsing, when everything randomly locked up. No response at all from the keyboard or mouse, but no change from the motherboard fans or lighting. My response was to hold the power button until power off.

This whole process of freeze, power off, try to power on but fail a few seconds into boot process repeatedly until it randomly works, use pc for around 4-10 minutes, start over, repeated for almost 50 minutes until i gave up on trying solutions (i was unplugging peripherals and stuff trying to get something to work [out of frustration])

i am clueless and disheartened. any help is much, MUCH appreciated.


Intel DX79SI motherboard
Intel I-7 3820 CPU
Powercolor AX 7970 GPU
Coolermaster Gemin II S524 CPU cooler
G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240Pin DDR3 SDRAM
Cougar GX700 700w power supply

All this in a thermaltake chaser mk-1 (not sure if that's needed info or not)