Odd question. Building 12u into an armoire. Where to get rails?


Jan 15, 2013
I know this is going to sound odd, but I have a project where I need to build an enclosure for a SOHO cluster consisting of 4 nodes, a filer head, a pair of 8 bay eSATA enclosures and UPSes to match. Likewise the networking gear, modem, router, KVM, gigabit switch all need to be installed in this enclosure.

The enclosure is to be a large (36" w x 24" d x 84" h) armoire. There will be blow through cooling using large fans and ventilation holes throughout the interior of the armoire to keep the components at a reasonable operating temp, the issue I have is how to create the "rack" for the networking gear. I have a couple of options.

#1. Using hardwood uprightsCAREFULLY measure, and drill for 10-32 thread inserts to create the upright spaced "rack".
#2. Obtain and install pre-built upright rails to create the "rack".

The hardwood rails would be simpler, but I suspect durability may be an issues in the long run. So I was wondering if anyone markets pre-made rails for just such a purpose. I really only need about 6u or even less.