Odd question?


Jul 6, 2018
This might sound weird, but is it technically possible to project a laptop screen to another laptop, and split the screen there or create two desktop (for each laptop) and work simultaneously? Both laptops on win11.

I have an ancient HP ts 11 laptop with amd, screen broke . And a second laptop.
I work simultaneously on these two laptops, using mouse without borders.
I know I can connect an external monitor to hp but I don't want external monitor setup.
Win 11 has two desktop features, so was thinking that hp one can be projected?
Multiple Desktop is multiple work surfaces on the same machine so you can keep them separate. That's probably not what you are looking for.

Remote Desktop Connection controls the desktops of multiple machines onto one host machine. They display in a window and if you don't like the one included with Windows, there are countless other variants available both pay and free. You can use the feature of showing what is happening on the client's desktop as just the display while working on the broken-screen laptop's keyboard and mouse, or else use the host laptop's to control the client either directly or through Mouse Without Borders
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