Question Odd random restarts and post self-startup issues ?


Dec 16, 2015
So, after trying several different things that seem to not fix the problem, I'm turning to the smart folks here as I'm at a loss.

For probably the last 4 - 6 weeks, I've been getting these odd self-restarts that have never happened before. I'd put together an upgraded rig in late August but my issues are fairly recent. My computer will randomly restart on its own (freeze, black screen, no messages, Windows 10 restarts on its own to the login/lock screen). I've tried various fixes which include running the sfc scan (which did find corrupted files and fixed them), swapping out the GPUs from an RX 6800 XT to an RX 580. Now, if it were just this, I'd suspect the PSU and get set to order a new one. But the thing is, no matter what I've tried, when Win10 restarts, it acts rather slow and screwy.

The numbers won't input for my PIN access on restart. It will eventually crash and start the cycle again. The ONLY thing that clears it (until the next time it happens) is by flipping the switch off on the PSU itself, then flipping it on again. After I do that, the machine loads normally and works in all aspects correctly until it goes and does its weirdness again. Plus, the only time it does this is while NOT playing games (contrary to every other black screen/random restart Q&A post I've seen to date). I run Folding & Home consistently while the computer is on. Either way, it only does this while at what is essentially idle (YouTube videos going at the most), but NEVER while gaming...sometimes it freezes and loops two hours into it, other times it won't do it at all between regular shutdowns.

Any ideas at all?

Thanks in advance!