Odd requirements from IIS 5


Dec 31, 2007
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Hello everyone!

I'm using IIS 5.0, and it's requesting some very odd requirements to get
users logged-in to their FTP accounts, and browsing their FTP home

Here's some more information:
The FTP home directory is D:\iis\ftproot\

I created an "FTP Users" group, and give it read & execute on
D:\iis\ftproot\, and add it to the list of Users and Groups that can Log-on
to the computer from the network

This, at least to me, seems reasonable enough for an account to get to their
home directory, but NT 5 doesn't seem to agree. It required the user to be
added to the list of Users and Groups that can Log-on Localy. (How can this
NOT be bad?!)

Now, if that wasn't enough, it also required the "FTP Users" group Read &
Execute on the D partition itself. How can this not be bad, giving FTP users
access to my D partition?

What happens when, for example, I want an a user to be able to Log-on,
traverse through a virtual directory to get access to a web-directory?
(D:\iis\w3root\Users\) would I then need to give this user access to my
entire web-tree? What's going on here:(

Thanks for your time.



Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.advanced_server (More info?)

Log in locally and permission on Full D drive is not at all required. May
be there is some problem in configuration. Even simple user account
permission is enough to act as a FTP account. Even anonymous account
(account with out any major rights) will also work.

Please configure like below

1 Please create simple user account Tom with default user permission
2 I will assume you have given D:\IIS\FTProot folder administrator full
control and everyone read only
3 Create folders called "tom" inside the FTP folder and give full
permission for Tom
4 Assume that server name is "testserver"
5 when you type ftp://testserver/ it will try to find virtual directory tom
in testserver
6 If there is no virtual directory then it will go to tom folder in default
ftp site

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