Question Odd speed results


Oct 7, 2007
I just replaced an old server but retained the external storage array. Also replaced the raid card. So basically have:

  1. Dell Perc H810 raid card
  2. Dell PowerVault MD1200 drive enclosure
  3. One drive group are 3 ST10000NM0096 Seagate drives.
  4. Second drive group are 3 ST10000NM0216 Seagate drives
  5. Both are in raid 5 with Read Ahead, Always Write Back, Direct IO and Disk Cache Disabled.
Only difference I'm told between the two sets of drives are the 216 drives are SED drives which apparently shouldn't impact performance.

Here's the issue and didn't see these variances before in the old system which note was using an H800 card and PCIe2.0 slots vs PCIe 5 slots in the new system.

So as you can see basically talking half performance on some of the initial tests for the drive on the left. Again same enclosure.

Run it again but change the sample to 8GiB

It basically flipped speeds. Note I always test the drive on the left first.

Tried 32GiB then. Same deal.

Then I went to 64GB. Note if it matters that's also how much ram is in the system but wouldn't think that should matter but who knows.

So very close like I'm used to seeing in the past. Any idea what's going on? Note this is running on a Windows 2022 Server.