Odd stuff happening on my PC


Aug 27, 2011
Hello,Hope you are all well :)
For some time now I have this flickering on my screen almost all the time like something is being loaded in or down loaded from my PC some things do not work as the should like I cannot deleat a folder in Outlook Express. emails disapearing, emails not getting there: It would apear I have a bug, BUT nothing try seems to locate what ever is causing the issue: Can someone suggest a cure please?
HP Home premium 32 bit intel duel core

Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

First off, one post would have been enough. :D When this is happening, please press your Control Shift and Escape keys together to bring up the Windows Task Manager, then click t eProcesses tab and double click the heading of the CPU column.

Doing that will bring the high resource users to the top of the list and you can then post back what's in use and what percentage it's using.

That will help posters help you. It's also useful for us to know how much RAM or memory you have - find that in Control Panel>System>General tab - and how much hard disk free space there is from My Computer, then right click C:\ and look at the pie-chart in Properties.