Question Odyssey G55A problem!!

Sep 11, 2022
I have two problems with my new odyssey G55A 32' monitor
I bought a 32" Samsung odyssey G55A 2k 165HZ monitor that have Dp and HDMI ports recently, I connected it via HDMI 2.1 cable with my Asus ROG laptop that has RTX 2060 (cause my laptop only has HDMI port), and only gives me 144HZ, how do I fix this problem? is there any
Dp adapter that fixes this problem?

The other problem that when I play competitive games like Valorant on 144HZ , after 5min the frames start to drop to around 60-70 HZ, and remains like that even when I close it, is there any solution for this??

(All my GPU drivers are updated to date).



Regarding the monitor stuck at 144hz, in what way is it only giving you 144hz? Have you right clicked on the desktop, went to display settings, selected the new monitor, selected advanced display settings, and then selected the correct refresh rate?

Also, which specific laptop? It's possible that your laptop is equipped with an HDMI 2.0 port which only supports up to 144hz at 1440p.

Regarding the drop in performance, have you monitored temperatures while in game? It's possible that your components are getting too hot and thermal throttling.