Question odyssey g7 replacement


Sep 25, 2014
hi guys, i had tn panel before (xl2411t) and played csgo competitive for long time,after my team disbanded i want a monitor fast but more vivid and more enjoyable and i bought g7,but i made a mistake,i took wrong size and panel,i bought 32" and va fast for sure,but when flashbang hit me there is something wrong with color shifting and i hate the size for competitive...i now planning to give it to my brother and buy something more suited to me.

TLTR i play csgo/fortnite/warzone 95% of time,need something great for cs but works fine in heavy games like warzone, i think ips is my best bet,because tn are too focused on response time and suck for other games(and i don t play anymore too competitive) and oled are too expensive... i need to decide if go 1080p 240/360hz or go 1440p 240hz,my budget is 800 euro,any monitor with lowest input lag,motion blur reduction and in the price is fine...actually i m looking between
xg2431 : 350 euro best 1080p 240hz ips for gaming and best blur reduction,but is dark asf
xv252qf : 400 euro best 1080p 390hz ips,great blur reduction,not clear as xg2431,but smoother and brighter
aw2723df 650 euro 1440p ips 280hz,maybe for the best price/performance ips 1440p

please help me,thanks