Question Odyssey G9 Model LC49G95TSSNXZA versus LC49G97TSSNXDC ?

May 23, 2021
I live in Canada and I'm looking to buy a 49" Odyssey G9. The only model available in Canada is the LC49G95TSSNXZA but this model has been discontinued in the U.S. and replaced with the LC49G97TSSNXDC. I'm reluctant to buy the LC49G95TSSNXZA because it has had a lot of bad reviews (QC issues) and I wonder if that's why Samsung U.S. discontinued it and replaced it with the LC49G97TSSNXDC. I tried asking Samsung about the difference between the two models and why the original was discontinued in the U.S. but the Samsung reps said they didn't know. Can anyone here explain the differences between the two models and if I should avoid buying the LC49G95TSSNXZA? The three main complaints I've read about the LC49G95TSSNXZA are (1) popping sounds from thermal expansion, (2) backlight leaks around the bezels and (3) dead pixels.

BTW, my PC can handle this monitor: RTX 3090, Ryzen 9 5950X, Samsung 2TB SSD, and 64 GB RAM.