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Dec 3, 2013
Hey guys,

Recently bought a Lenovo Ultrabook used from a pawn shop, only later to find out that the copy of windows on the machine is not able to be activated. I believe it was lost somewhere along the way as the shop formatted the machine for sale (possibly an OEM copy from Lenovo that expired when the laptop was factory reset).

Since they are refusing to offer a new copy, I am planning on buying an OEM license for it. I'm just wondering if I need to remove the current copy that is in the "trial" stage before installing the OEM copy, or if I can install the OEM copy as-is.

Thanks in advance!


Ignore whatever used to be on there, is on it now, or the original OEMness of it.

Create your own Win 10 USB install, and install with that.

Install the OS, completely wiping out whatever is on there.
Section II, Step 6 & 7 speak to deleting ALL existing partitions on it.

Activate it with a valid license you purchase.

Or, purchase a valid OS from your favorite retailer (USB), and do the install as above. Again, wiping out everything that is currently on there.
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if this was an earlier version of windows like windows 7 or vista you would have problems but since windows 8 the OEM license for windows has been embedded in the laptops BIOS so you can use whatever copy of windows 10 as long as it is the right edition (home or pro) and it will still activate legally. the only thing you would be missing from the OEM version would be any pre installed software that lenovo included with it.

if you never have used or care about that software then you have nothing to worry about


Apr 13, 2019
What is the model or your computer? Confirm there is not Windows sticker with a COA attached to your computer. What operating system has been loaded. The original OEM software never expires, but a reinstall of a different OS will not self activate. If the original OS was windows 7 or 8, the OEM COA could activate an install of Windows 10.

You also may be able to extract the OEM OS and COA from the BIOS.
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