OEM machine with a AMD BE CPU locked nulti?


Dec 12, 2007
I was assisting in another thread on the forum that lead me to this question. Do OEM's sell machines with these cpus first of all? I just took a quick look at dell and hp and didnt see any. And if they do( I assume somebody does or had at least) do the machines alow adjusting of the multi.

I assume a OEM is selling machines with the PII x4 BE in them and was wondering. I think that the BIOS in these machines would have it locked and was wondering if the multi is locked in the BIOS or not. Of course that is assuming there are the actual machines running the cpus.
Well, in all of the OEMs I've seen, all of the critical functions (multi, clock, and voltage) were locked. Now, some brands do like to advertise some OC ability, so perhaps those have an unlocked multi, but those brands are pretty rare.


If is a BE is unlock multiplier. Usually the OEM machines that sell the companies comes with the X4 910, that i think isn't a BE.