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Question OEM win7 cloned using Samsung migration not genuine on new ssd


Nov 27, 2013
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clone software used: samsung data migration.

hello i cloned my samsung 840 to 860 but now the cloned ssd says win 7 not genuine. i am running oem key.

MS and samsung are such <Mod Edit>! MS made my entire background black in just few min of this message while i was still posting this thread "not genuine message and removed my wallpaper too" !

This is on desktop and i don't remember or took the key at time of delivery.

is there any way to get old key from my old ssd or can i use any other better clone software which will not cause this ? please suggest what is best option..ty

win 7, 64 bit
i5 4440
16gb ram
gigabyte 85md3h
Samsung 860 EVO
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The issue is the result of a clone failure. You need to redo the clone. What clone software are you using. Cloning from one internal ssd to another can sometimes cause such errors. If possible use a external enclosure for the target drive.
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Nov 27, 2013
clone software used: Samsung data migration. i did not see any error in it.

please let me know which software to use..tx

If possible use a external enclosure for the target drive.
could you please elaborate i am not aware what you mean tx

Produkey can, just press F9 and select the 840.

It may very well show you the same key and the upgrade merely forced activation to kick in and reject it.
so shall i use Produkey or no, this is oem not retail copy of win7
There should be no issue with your Windows 7 key as long as you are using the same motherboard. There is nothing wrong with Samsung Data Migration, a clone can fail regardless of the software. I would try to do the clone again, and use the sector by sector clone if it is available; it takes 3 times as long, but there is a much less chance a clone failure. Also, as I mentioned, if this issue persists, look into getting a sata exterior enclosure. Cloning between two interior drives can be problematic; it's better to have an exterior target drive connected through a USB port.

Math Geek

or just do a fresh install with your key and be done wit it. get the key from your old drive with something like jelly bean. it'll show you not only your windows key but keys for other programs it finds and supports. quick and easy to use. then just suck it up and do a fresh windows install and be done with it.

you can spend days trying all kinds of different things to get a clone to work or a couple hours just doing a fresh install!!

good luck.