"OEM" Windows 2000 Professional?


Jan 26, 2003
I'm starting to bid around on ebay for a Windows 2000 Professional CD package.

Some people are selling "oem" versions. They say they will ship "some sort of hardware" to comply with software regulations.

Does this mean I will be locked into using that hardware piece on my computer? I'm not talking about the ones that say "must be used on a Dell system or will not work". I'm talking about the ones that say they will ship some sort of random piece of hardware, but don't say much more about it.

The one I have a bid on now says it's sealed, unused and has a product keycode. Hopefully I will be able to simply pop the disk into my new computer CD-rom and install without any restrictions. I don't need any manuals or tech support from Microsoft....just a clean disk that installs the authentic version of Windows 2000 Professional.

any ideas on this? I hope I didn't bid on the wrong item!


Jan 6, 2002
an OEM version is a version that a computer manufacturer can get to reduce thier cost because it doesn't come in a snazzy box from MicroShaft. The restriction is that it must be sold with a computer. Manufactuers are not officially allowed to sell it by itself, it must be sold with a certain amount of hardware that constitutes a "computer", like a hard drive and a Mainboard. Shipping with a piece of hardware is a way to finese the system so that he can sell the software product. Nothing in the rules said the hardware had to be in working condition or even new hardware in many cases. for example, it may be a used car but it's new to me so I can still say I got a new car. Well you purchased a "computer" so I can sell you this OEM version of the software.


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Feb 16, 2003
Actually the OEM of win2000 is just win2000 supplied to PC builders with a bulk licence that limits them to installing it on new computers only. It is exactly the same as the boxed retail OS.

To "legally" buy win2000 oem, you gotta buy a piece of hardware with it.

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