Office 365 Users Getting Unlimited Storage From Microsoft

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Aug 23, 2013
I don't like the trend towards software subscriptions. Basically these just make revenue streams more predictable and easier for companies. I know the pros and cons, but I still feel a purchased software product is cheaper long-term than the pay-every-month/year subscription. You can upgrade when you want to, and even *if* you feel the new upgrade is worth it.

Office is a good example of this. You can pay one time for the Office Home/Personal edition for ~$115 USD. 365 might be cheaper for one year at $7 each month, but it's only better if you feel you have to upgrade every year.

Suppose you bought Office 2010 Home/Student 1-user for $115. When Office 2013 came out, perhaps you thought as many others did that there weren't enough compelling reasons to buy it. So you use your 2010 version for 3 years until you decide to upgrade to Office 2015 (or whatever the new version will be called). Your one-time purchase of $115 is much cheaper than $7 per month over 3 years ($7 x 12 x 3 =$288). The only way 365 is cheaper is if you have more than three users in your home who need Office. Then the 5-user 365 version @$10 per month is cheaper over three years.

Unlimited storage is nice, but I still hate to support this trend towards subscriptions.
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