Question Office 365 video export

Aug 24, 2019
I haven't used any actual Office software from Microsoft since 2016, however, I'm considering buying an Office 365 subscription, since my 1:1 ripoff free Office software is really buggy, and the latest major update has been a complete catastrophy.

So here's my set of questions that my purchase will heavily depend on:
  • Does Office 365 Home still support .mp4 video export?
  • Have any export options, such as bitrate or resolution, been added?
  • Knowing that in Office 2016, the video resolution depended on the slide dimensions, what's the maximum export resolution in PowerPoint 365?
If someone could quickly test this, that would be great.


Assuming you are talking about Power Point since you are talking about slides. You can export up to 4k

It shows Standard, HD, Full HD and Ultra HD as video export options, along with "Create an Animated GIF".

Yes it has a save as MP4 option but I don't see a way to modify that from the save dialog, if you do a web search for Office save as mp4 or something similar you may find some more details if there are any.