Question Office Chair-revisited

I am once again looking for an office chair. The last two I have had were Serta, which are rated as a great chair for the price. They have a good warranty, but I am on my second one and that's where they limit that. So, I have really enjoyed the chair from a cushioning and seating "feel". My issues have been that the base section of the chair has cracked across the metal plate on both the original and the replacement. (aside from the leather coming apart). The second one has been rigged up with a socket and some metal, not adjustable, but bought me another year-ish of use. It is DONE and about to drop me on my fanny.

I would really like to keep the purchase under $250-ish. I find a "big and tall" Serta Executive, and there are quite a few others by brands I have never heard of. Where I probably should, I am not yet to a point of shelling out Herman Miller money.

Last I asked, some time back, a few suggestions were made. I have put in things like "8 hour chair" "big and tall" and so forth. Any suggestions you have on a brand of chair or model that has lasted you ruggedly for over 2 years at that price point? I mostly just need the frame to continue to hold me so I am not sitting crooked, constantly having to hit the button to raise, and hopefully not with small bits of leather stuck to me and my clothes.

Thanks for any advice.