Office PC


Feb 2, 2011
This is just going to be an office desktop. I configured something for $380. I wanted to know what the community thought of it. If the parts are worth the money and particularly if the CPU is worth the $80 in comparison to the AMD offerings at this price range. I heard that the DDR3 controllers are particularly better as well as the SATA controllers (which I care about because of the SSD).






Hello... I like to buy from NEWEGG too... but chose a motherboard from a another vender due to what i see on that motherboard...

You can find a lower/similar priced MB with PCI-X slots instead of all those PCI slots... but a different vender.

But this board has only SATA2 if a concern... and no USB 3.0...

Also you should be able to find 8 Gigs of DDR3 for that price... either 1 stick or 2 sticks of 4gig.
your better off with these parts there going to be faster then the intel cpu you have for the same money or close to it. a ssd nice for the boot drive but you want 120g drive for room for the os and aps and have room for trim and garbage collection.
the amd chip is faster then the one you posted by not as fast as intel i5. your also going to get a amd 7000 gpu built into the cpu if you do photo editing or need a onboard gpu. the intel video chipset not bad if your doing web work and word all day. the ps is on sale and is a great brand for the money. as your using a sb cpu you can also use an h61 mb.
with the x6x chipsets check that the mb bios will boot with the newer g chips.


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