Oil cooled case mod - wow


Jan 18, 2006
Great article - I may end up adapting it for a rackmount case I have that is just WAYYYY too loud. I do have a couple of comments, though . . .

1. Just common sense, but do NOT submerge hard disks in oil. While they are sealed airtight, the gaskets can likely be attacked by oil and if any oil gets into the HD case you are DONE. The article correctly has the HD outside the case, but just wanted to give a sanity check to any modders who tackle this . . .

2. The screen shots show the case fan holes covered with small sheets of plexiglas. For rev 2, you might want to put the sheets on the INSIDE of the case, so that the oil's hydraulics (or whatever the oil equiv of hyd- is :D ) are working WITH maintaing the seal instead of against it.

3. Vegetable oil is a lot more environmentally friendly than fossil fuel. Of course, if you are looking for something that doesn't look like bile or urine :? you could examine mineral oil.

Again, all in all a great article.