Question Ok,, got rid of startmenuhost and searchapp... now, what? textinput!

Aug 24, 2021
So,, no matter what i try i keep getting weird reverb audio stutter. trust me i tried hella.... disable this, rename that.... but i still have the same problem.. my entire install is a mess and the error persists.

i know it's the nvidia drivers cause when i uninstall, i don't have the problem... but, then i can't do anything like even watch movies....

i tried uninstall hd audio, but no thing

i tried to even remove indexing in windows and install og drivers for my NIC...

is it possible this is happening because my gpu itself is malfunctioning?

i mean, the logs say there's no hardware issues... lots of network errors but, how do i seperate that? is it the NIC still?